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Esthélis Basic

Unmatched Wrinkles Smoothing & Surface Treatment
Esthélis is the only highly cross-linked gel that can really be injected very superficially for even more natural, effective and long-lasting results, while injecting fewer products. This peerless capacity is the result of the cohesive and polydensified matrix, the fruit of the unique CPM technology developed and patented by the Swiss company Anteis.
  • Filling all types of wrinkles
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Enhancing lip volume and contours
  • Correcting sunken scars
Five key characteristics for complete patient satisfaction:
1. Most Natural
Esthélis is unbeatable in terms of dermal integration.
With Esthélis, you get immediate, exciting and naturally aesthetic results as the gels literally melt, infiltrate and integrate in even the most superficial dermal layers without creating any cordon effect or particles. The unique possibility to inject very superficially is the result of synergized rheological characteristics: exclusive cohesive matrix and product homogeneity.
2. Long-Lasting
Esthélis offers better and long-lasting results.
With a regular and considerably reduced absorption rate in the very first months after the injection, Esthélis has a much better maintenance of volume in the short term. And results are just as perfect over the long term, with an average maintenance period of 9 months and in many cases more than 12 months!
3. Economical
Esthélis is advantageous.
Because its unique rheology makes it easily integrated even in the most superficial dermal layers, smaller product volumes are needed in order to get perfect and natural results. Its quality/price ratio, respecting the right level of injection is thus more than excellent. Thanks to its level of performance and unique technology.
4. Highest Quality
Esthélis is of the highest quality.
Why do Esthélis products result in the lowest rate of side-effects? Because…
  • They are made from hyaluronic acid obtained by bio-fermentation, with the least toxic cross-linking agent available on the market: BDDE, the most well-known and used cross-linker on the market.
  • The Esthélis extensive terminal purification makes these gels register the lowest endotoxin and protein residue rates.
  • The stabilised pH and osmolarity, close to that of the skin, reduces the risk of oedema and swelling.
  • The gels are supplied in pre-filled, sterile glass syringes for improved product stability.
5. Ergonomics & Comfort
Esthélis improves your comfort and the comfort of your patients. 
Thanks to the CPM technology, and due to the unique ergonomics of the syringe (short length, ergonomic plunger rod and finger grips), injections are much more comfortable for both practitioners and patients alike.


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Modélis Shape

Volume Restoration & Modelling With Outstanding Malleability
Modélis Shape is an HA-based injectable monophasic polydensified resorbable bio-implant. It is dedicated to subcutaneous injections for significant volume augmentation of the face. Modélis Shape makes it possible to:
  • Re-shape the face (cheeks, temples, jaws, chin, nose...)
  • Sculpt facial reliefs
  • Change face proportions to a certain extent
  • Restore lost facial volumes like major skin depressions due to age or diseases
Modélis Shape is manufactured with Antei’s patented dynamic cross-linking technology that brought to life a new cutting edge group of fillers-monophasic polydensified. All Anteis fillers share the qualities most sought-after by practitioners:
  • Perfect bio-integration at corresponding dermal or sub-cutis level
  • Increased safety
  • Uniform smoothness of the gels
  • Malleability
  • Long lasting
These signature advantages of Anteis intradermal fillers (Esthelis Soft/Basic and Fortelis) hold true for the new subcutaneous Modélis Shape.
Modélis Benefits:
  • Very volumnizing
  • Malleable
  • Easy to inject
  • Long lasting correction
  • No product migration
  • Safe bio-implantation
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Fortélis Extra

Extraordinary Filling and Lip Volume Augmentation
Fortélis Extra is a resorbable implant developed from hyaluronic acid from biofermentation, with an amazing volume-enhancing power, devoted to:
  • the treatment of folds and facial depressions
  • work on the face’s contours and reliefs
  • increase lip volume
Fortélis features Anteis’ patented cross-linking technology and is designed to provide Extra Volumizing Elasticity (EVE). Developed with a carefully defined cross-linking ratio and a high concentration of HA (25.5 mg/ml), its level of elasticity is perfectly adapted for enhancing volume and filling deep wrinkles while benefiting from all the advantages of a monophasic fluid gel. Fortélis achieves its best results when injected into the deep dermis, maximizing the natural effect and avoiding possible defects in appearance. The results can last up to a year.
Fortélis is extremely safe and has excellent tolerability:
  • Minimum inflammatory reactions observed
  • Low degree of immune reactivity


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Rejuvenation by Rehydration
Mesolis and Mesolis +: Two Sources of Rejuvenation
The ideal solution to best meets your patients' expectations and needs.
Mesolis range includes two products with different concentrations and formulations that allow you to select the product that is best suited to the real needs of each individual patient.
MESOLIS - First source of rejuvenation
Mesolis gel offers an effective way to fight against the effects of reduced levels of hyaluronic acid, one of the key components of the dermis. It promotes intercellular exchange and greater skin elasticity, while firming the dermis. Mesolis makes it possible to meet patients' expectations in terms of hydration and rejuvenation of both facial and body dermis.
Main benefits of Mesolis:
  • A product made with a naturally occurring substance, perfectly biocompatible and totally biodegradable
  • No biocompatibility preliminary test required equivalent to the finest gels on the market
  • A specifically high molecular weight which contributes to a better hydration of the skin
  • Highly purified hyaluronic acid, greatly reducing the side effects
  • Supplied in a glass syringe that helps maintain stability
  • A syringe of short length, with ergonomic grip and plunger rod that make manual injections easier
  • The possibility to combine Mesolis with resorbable implants (dedicated to wrinkles filling) thanks to Esthélis range, also elaborated by Anteis
Rejuvenation with an extra dimension... the glycerol one
Thanks to its formula* and the presence of a -powerful hydrating agent
(Glycerol), Mesolis+ offers superior results in terms of hydration and rejuvenation of the dermis. It allows you to meet the expectations of patients who, in addition to dry skin, show the signs of skin aging (wrinkling).
Main benefits of Mesolis+
  • A product made with a naturally occurring substance, perfectly biocompatible and totally biodegradable
  • No biocompatibility preliminary test require
  • The highest concentration of hyaluronic acid among all the gels containing non cross linked
  • Hyaluronic acid currently on the market
  • A specifically high molecular weight for optimal hydration of the skin
  • A unique formula, including a powerful and well tolerate hydrating agent - the Glycerol - which is much appreciated for its hydrating power and thus currently used in cosmetics.
  • In addition, the high reliability of Glycerol makes it widely used as an excipient in pharmaceutical preparations. It offers: An increased and long lasting hydration. An "antiseptic" local action which reduces the risk of infection
  • Highly purified hyaluronic acid, greatly reducing the side effects
  • Supplied in a glass syringe that helps maintain stability
  • A syringe of short length, with ergonomic grip and plunger rod that make manual injections easier
  • The possibility to combine Mesolis+ with resorbable implants (designed to fill up wrinkles) thanks to Esthélis range, also elaborated by anteis
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