Welcome to our website! It is a pleasure to share with you information about our company and to provide channels for dialogue. We cultivate ethical and transparent relationships with our audiences and these are values ​​that guide our Privacy Policy.

By visiting www.dansys.com, you will realize that most of our services do not require any type of registration, allowing you to navigate our site without informing your identity. But there are situations in which personal information is required. We treat this information confidentially and take appropriate security measures to protect your data. However, due to the current degree of technological development, it is impossible to guarantee absolute protection on the internet.

Some services that we offer in our site presuppose registration. Of course, you may refuse to provide the requested personal information, but you should be aware that such a refusal could lead to an inability to access certain areas of our site.

In the case of access to restricted areas, we request and store information that reverts to personalized services. Personal data will be processed automatically and will be protected and incorporated into the corresponding electronic data records that our company will own and for which it will be responsible. Personal information collected on our site is not marketed or made available to third parties. The use of cookie technology aims exclusively to offer you features of site customization and to facilitate navigation.

We will only send emails and messages if we have your permission. The information available on our website does not replace consultation with the medical professional, nor should it be accepted as a recommendation for any particular treatment. We offer an open communication channel for comments, suggestions, questions and information exchange. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.